The Best Tips For Searching On Internet

Pc Software Tips on this site you will get the best tips for searching on internet with Web Search Launcher Software you are able for comparing and finding better and faster information the trick is using different search engines and compare the best search and translations results. the users who are working with this magic web search launcher can find the quality info's very quick they only need to select text in any websites or any programs followed by choosing a search engine button on the launcher and the search or translations will be done, they can repeat it without to must have to select the same text again and the power of this launcher is that the selection search functions works anywhere on your windows system. Websearch Launcher is for all users free and portable you can download it, unzip it, and run the executable file after that you are ready to go. for users who want to see the launcher in action we did make for them a interactive video tutorial below. You can click on diverse keys in the video self and it will play that part of video. How it works: it does show first a intro video and after that it will show a main menu with buttons like [tips and secret tips for settings in Web search Launcher] , [selection translate in active internet browser] , [selection search in active internet browser] , [selection translate in second internet browser] , [selection search in second internet browser] Web Search Launcher can enhance all your internet moves and still receive the best translations and search results from google search engine or different search engines, Websearch Launcher is going to work in any applications and in any browsers Firefox Browser (Mozilla) , Google Browser (Chrome) , Opera Browser , Internet Explorer , and more.

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interact video examples

Click below on the animation Image for playing the interactive video tutorial.

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The Ideal Settings For Web Search Launcher

There exist a special way for doing searches on Google and other Searching Engines in the Settings from Web Search Launcher you do have great options for increasing all your Google Search Results, you can for example very fast true enable or disable some checkboxes:

Searching From Selected Text in Active Web Browser

Websearch Launcher is universal selection search tool that works anywhere on your windows system, you can do from out any websites and any programs searching's and translations from any selected text, it does work in almost any kind of search engines. you don't need to check where you did select the text, the computer does now exact if it must use the search in active browser or not. and  if the browser is not active it does then execute first the default browser.  

search results in active browser

Translations From High Lighted Text on Active Browser

Websearch Launcher can also do Translations from High Lighted Text on Active Web Browser or not, you can also use and compare diverse translations engines. You can repeat the translation results with out to must have to High Light the same text again.

Selection Search To Second Browser

And If you want to do a selection search without loosing your active website, then you can get the search results into a second browser, this is a ideal way to repeat the selection search without to must have to leaving your active website. in the settings you can simple by enable check-box [stay on website....] and you can use this powerful function all time.

stay on website and do a google search

Selection Translation To Second Browser

And if you want to do selection translate to second browser then in the settings from Websearch Launcher you can very fast enable the check-box (stay on website...). this way it does give you the option to high light any text on the first browser and then get the translations into secondly browser. 

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