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Gimp Automation Tools

Gimp Automation Tools is a Innovative Toolbar Launcher for Mouse Device and Stylus Pen, and it is special maked for Gimp Software, you can Speedup all your Painting Movements and Saved more then 50% of your Time. With this Cool Launcher you can forget searching into MenuBars instead of that you have All your Favorite Toolbar Buttons direct in visual area, and you do not have to remember all these Keystroke Combinations you can forget  using a Keyboard Device this is ideal for Windows Tablets.


If you are an aspiring creative Graphic designer? then We are pleased to announce that you have arriving at just the right place! Our software Gimp Automation Tools will exist to helping you to create Producktive Graphic designs. To be able to use the tool well and coming up with awesome designs, you have to ad-here to some tips.

We dedicate this page to explore these usefull tips and how they may coming in handy. Be ad-vised to read through the tips diligently to be able to obtain the inspiration you will need.

With Gimp Automation Tools

  • checkbox enable You can get the Drawing Job done in Less of the Time.
  • checkbox enable You do Have a Better Workings Flows.
  • checkbox enable You are Able to Reduce Distance Movements. (More then 50%)
  • checkbox enable And you are able to Speeding up all your Computer Movements. (More then 50%)
  • checkbox enable Working on Design will be Shorter & you Have more Fun.
  • checkbox enable Metrics Designing Improvements.
  • checkbox enable You can Stay All off the Time on your Mousing Device.
  • checkbox enable You can Forget using a Keyboard Device.
  • checkbox enable And you do not Need to Search into the MenuBars to find the right Tool or to find the right Keyboard Shortcuts Combo's
  • checkbox enable This is Guaranteed The Quickest way to work in Gimp Software.

What is so Special on Gimp Automation Tools

Gimp Automation Tools is a Huge Improvement for all Users who Work on Gimp Freeware, for example in Gimp it is Hard to make Stroke lines around the Selections, First you need to search true the Menubars to find the Tool (Stroke the Selection) then you will need to Click the (Stroke Button) after doing that the Stroke lines will be Make, Compared With Gimp Automation Tools Software it is easier you can Click With your Right Mouse Button on the (Rectangle Tool) and the Stroke Lines Around Any Selection Will be Maked (Rectangle Tool, Elipse Tool,Lasso Tool,Magic Tool,Select by Color Tool,....) and if you do With your Right Mouse Button click on the (Elipse Tool) you can Grow the Selection or if you Right Click on the (Lasso Tool) you can Shrink the Selection. and With the Left Mouse Button Clicks you can use the Normal Tools (Rectangle Tool, Elipse Tool,Lasso Tool,Magic Tool,Select by Color Tool)

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